Sophie Clavier

Photo of Jennifer Hammett Sophie Clavier was a professor of international relations at SF State before being appointed associate dean in 2015. As chair of the International Relations Department, Clavier won SF State’s 2013 – 14 Excellence in Teaching Award (Tenure Track) and is a three-time winner of the International Relations Student Association’s Best Teacher of the Year Award. Her expertise includes the application of international law to international trade and the World Trade Organization, the trial of terror suspects, and armed conflict and the use of force. She is published widely in academic journals and presented papers at national conferences.

Recent articles include “Objection Overruled: The Binding Nature of the International Norm Prohibiting Discrimination Against Homosexual and Transgendered Individuals” (2012), “Marketing War Policies: The Role of the Media in Constructing Legitimacy (with Laurent El Ghaoui)” (2010), “Contrasting Franco American Perspectives on Sovereignty” (2008), “Food Fight at the WTO: Can the Precautionary Principle Reconcile Liberalization and Public Fear?” (2008) and “Contrasting Perspectives on Pre-emptive Strike: the United States, France and the War on Terror,” Maine Law Review (2006). She is also involved in a multi-disciplinary project using algorithms in media analysis.

Clavier holds a Master’s degree from SF State and earned her Ph.D. in international law from University of Paris.