The Fringe: Phase Three

Monday, April 29, 2013, 5:00 pm to Thursday, May 2, 2013, 5:00 pm
The Fringe produces 10 plays written by the dynamic community of student playwrights. Through a project-oriented and hands-on experience, students learn the phase of playwriting that takes a play on the journey from the page to the stage. Working in production teams with student playwrights, directors, dramaturgs, actors, managers and designers, the Fringe exposes students to the nature of the theatrical experience when the writers is in the room. For the writers themselves, it is an opportunity to learn to revised, polish and finish a piece in the heat of rehearsal and performance. March 19-22, April 16-19, April 30-May 3, 7pm. $5.
Creative Arts Building, Studio Theatre
Theatre Arts Department
SF State Box Office
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Phase One: March 19–22

  • Ssh by Eva Schwendemann, directed by Tessa Carter. “Ssh! No swearing in the library!” As if anyone will listen.
  • Recession Dialogue by Catalina Jose, directed by Nara Dahlbacka. “We’re all out of jobs. Must be horrid for the poor people.” Two financiers express their sympathy.
  • A Neat Place to Get High by Christopher Louie, directed by Roy Conboy. Three kids, a grungy train tunnel, a blunt, a mysterious door.
  • Lew by Christopher Woodard, directed by Shane Labowitz. He came here to kill your roommate. Maybe he’d like a sandwich?
  • Sea Bird by Madeline Mahrer, directed by Tessa Carter. The dress is ready, the invitations are sent, but now that the heart has stopped, how will they go on?

Phase Two: April 16–19

  • Stars by Yusuke Soi, directed by Nara Dahlbacka. A puppet star hides in a backstreet. An earthquake stops the worker who has never been late. Where did the stars go?
  • Mo and Ruby by Juliana Lustenader, directed by Celena Tasabia. Homeless man has found a home — on the bus. And a girl who loves music. But then he breaks her iPod.
  • Mustard by Omar Hasrouni, directed by Casey Robbins. It was a love for the ages. Except for the condiments.
  • The Revelation of Christine by Julia Letzel, directed by Roy Conboy. She’s a stranger in the OC, until these nice, these real nice, these super-nice women volunteer to befriend and guide her.

Phase Three: April 30–May 3

Feeld Play, a devised play written and directed by Kevin DiPirro, with the ensemble. Working primarily with sound, music, movement and spare dialogue, Feeld Play is developed from source material including Dust Bowl history, documents, photographs, documentaries, songs and folklore, as well as contemporary drought, recession, weather patterns and revival Americana music.

Faculty adviser

Roy Conboy