Rainbowing Children's Picture Books Through Textual and Visual Interactions

Monday, September 30, 2013, 5:00 pm
Susan Shimanoff, associate dean of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, leads a panel discussion on LGBTQ references in children's books. This topical discussion will explore the illustration of the ever-changing face of the nuclear family within the context of recent legal decisions on marriage equality and human rights. This event is affiliated with two campus exhibitions: BOOKsmART in the J. Paul Leonard Library and The Illuminated Library in the Fine Arts Gallery. Free.
J. Paul Leonard Library, Room 121
J. Paul Leonard Library
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Shimanoff’s research has focused on identifying and explicating the role of communication rules in everyday interactions, and on the role of gender in communication. The theoretical foundations of this research appeared in her book, Communication Rules: Theory and Research (Sage, 1980), honored as Book of the Year by the Speech Communication Association. Her research is concerned primarily with rules for expressing emotions, small group interaction and facework. Her research on the role of gender in communication has been concerned with sexist language, politeness, emotional expressiveness and responsiveness, leadership and facework.


  • Welcome: Debbie Masters, University librarian
  • Researcher’s Perspective: Susan B. Shimanoff, professor of Communication Studies and associate dean of the College Liberal and Creative Arts
  • Author’s Perspective: Marcus Ewert, author of 10,000 Dresses
  • Illustrator’s Perspective: Mike Dutton, illustrator for Donovan’s Big Day
  • Elementary School Educator’s Perspective: Loreta Torres and Christina Velasco, co-authors of the teacher’s guide for Antonio’s Card
  • Director’s Perspective, Amy Kilgard, associate professor of Communication Studies and director of Dragons and Dresses and Ducklings, Oh My!


  • J. Paul Leonard Library
  • Fine Arts Gallery
  • Art Department
  • Creative Writing Department
  • Communication Studies Department
  • College of Liberal and Creative Arts

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