The Fringe

Monday, May 12, 2014, 5:00 pm to Friday, May 16, 2014, 5:00 pm
In its annual spring fest, The Fringe presents two separate programs of workshop productions of plays penned by the dynamic community of SF State student writers. This wild, deep, eclectic selection of seven plays emanating from both the Theatre Arts and Creative Writing departments performs on the Little Theatre stage. May 13-May 16, 8pm. May 17, 2pm and 5pm. $5.
Creative Arts Building, Little Theatre
Theatre Arts Department, Creative Writing Department
SF State Box Office
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Program 1 (May 13, May 15 and 2pm May 17)

  • Much Ado About Mathletes: An all-girls mathletes team (that ponders in iambic pentameter) is shaken to its core when asked to do the unthinkable: Let a boy join their team.
  • Knife Skills: One girl, one chef's knife, one moment of reckoning.
  • Inay’s Wedding Dress: Two Filipino sisters separated by coasts, age, class and sexual orientation clash over a traditional Wedding Dress left to them by their mother.
  • The Night Bus: Stuck in the midst of memories and dreams, a working-class man realizes his gilded life is quickly peeling away.

Program 2 (May 14, May 16 and 5pm May 17)

  • Turn Your Head Away: A boy. A girl. And a mask.
  • My Time Has Come: The show must go on. Or must it? Or what if this moment is the one we’ve all been waiting for?
  • The African Spaghetti: Somewhere in the African Serengeti/Spaghetti, love and sanity are put to the test as we join a colonial family on a wild romp through romanticized Africa.

Faculty adviser

Roy Conboy

Press coverage

Golden Gate Xpress, May 7, 2014