Words and Music, In Memoriam Fred Ho

Thursday, September 4, 2014, 4:30 pm
Photo of Fred Ho
Musicians Royal Hartigan and Ben Barson pay tribute to the late jazz musician Fred Ho, with special guest Hafez Modirzadeh on saxophone. Free.
Humanities Building, The Poetry Center
The Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives
The Poetry Center
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One of the outstanding composers of his generation, New York-based Chinese-American saxophonist and cultural activist Fred Ho founded the Afro-Asian Music Ensemble, Asian-American Art Ensemble and the Monkey Orchestra, all of them fusing Western and Eastern instruments and influenced by African American traditions, especially inspired by Charles Mingus’ orchestras. Later ensembles included The Green Monster Big Band, The Saxophone Liberation Front and Brooklyn Sax Quartet (co-founded with David Bindman). Among many honors, Ho was the first Asian American musician to win the Duke Ellington Distinguished Artist Lifetime Achievement Award. Ho also wrote, co-wrote and edited many articles and books. He died April 12 at age 56.

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