Shanghai Documentary Film Workshop

Thursday, October 23, 2014, 5:00 pm
Still from student film shot in Shanghai
Eleven students from the Cinema Department, working with students from Shanghai Normal University, screen their four films in and about the city of Shanghai. Free.
Fine Arts Building, Coppola Theatre
Cinema Department
Cinema Department
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The films explore:

  • A haunting impressionistic meditation on the industrial and social climate of the city through a recycling plant and a neon production company both located on the same street.
  • Domestic immigrants from Anhui province, hunting for jobs in Shanghai without the privileges of education, health care, or housing. Veteran roofer ShiwenTao clings to optimism, responsibility and love, despite his struggles.
  • An advocate’s tireless efforts to publicize the plight of child abduction in China, both for bereaved parents, and for adults recovering from their childhood abduction experiences.
  • The ups and downs of the Shanghai cabby — the ubiquitous, good-humored, hard working drivers who connect the vast landscape of Shanghai and its people in a 24-hour network.