Stephanie Barber: Filmmaking as Daily Practice

Thursday, February 12, 2015, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Photo of Stephanie Barber
Writer and artist Stephanie Barber explores the conceptual construct of art production as play. Barber has created a poetic, conceptual and philosophical body of work in a variety of media. Many of her videos are concerned with the content, musicality and experiential qualities of language. They ferry viewers through philosophical inquiry with the unexpected oars of play, emotionalism, story and humor. Working with some of the ideas approached in her six-week project jhana and the rats of james olds, she produced a film each day for 31 days. Free.
Fine Arts Building, Coppola Theatre
Cinema Department
Cinema Department
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Barber’s films and videos have has been screened nationally and internationally in solo and group shows at MOMA, New York; The Tate Modern, London; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Paris Cinematheque; The Walker Art Center, Minnesota; MOCA Los Angeles, Wexner Center for Art, Ohio; among other galleries, museums and festivals.


Stephanie Barber