The Fringe

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 (All day) to Friday, April 10, 2015 (All day)
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In its annual spring fest, The Fringe presents workshop productions of plays penned by the dynamic community of student writers. This wild, deep, eclectic selection of plays emanating from both the Theatre Arts and Creative Writing departments performs on the Studio Theatre stage. Faculty adviser: Roy Conboy. March 17 - 20, 7pm. April 7 - 10, 7pm. $5.
Creative Arts Building, Studio Theatre
Theatre Arts Department, Creative Writing Department
SF State Box Office
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Throughout its existence at SF State, The Fringe has been an opportunity for the diverse and multicultural voices of students. It has produced many plays by Asian American, Latino, African American, gay and lesbian writers, delving deeply and entertainingly into the many aspects of culture represented in the Theatre Arts and Creative Writing programs. Fringe has produced work by nationally and regionally prominent playwrights, including Marcus Gardley, Peter Nachtrieb, Claire Rice, Christopher Chen and Evelyn Pine.

Program One (March 17 – 20)

  • That Time You Thought I Was Sad: Well, what do you normally talk about when you’re smoking with a stranger in a hotel room the morning after you had sex? By Alandra Hileman. Directed by Roy Conboy.
  • Livelihood: A series of rants and ramblings exploring the unexpected challenges of the working world. By Amanda Chardonnay (Hutchins). Directed by Alandra Hileman.
  • A Family Portrait: Behind the posed photo, the complex textures of a family breaking apart, holding on, disappearing. By Tazwell Caputo. Directed by Roy Conboy.

Program Two (April 7 –10)

  • Stick ’Em Up: Paul worries that Maureen’s growing obsession with the unusual way they met is signaling the end of their relationship — but Maureen just wants to know that it was meant to be. By Heather Kelly-Laws. Directed by John Sherman.
  • Speak: After fleeing to California, Vietnamese immigrant Lam faces the disillusionment of the “American Dream” as she works tirelessly, battling both her inner demons and the haunting memories of abuse that silence her voice. By Jeanie Ngo. Directed by Melanie Lindow.
  • Warped Love Stories: What happens when a demon, who’s currently on a personal crusade to rid the world of all men, falls in love with a human who’s the ultimate Mr. Positivity? A whole lot of chaos, of course! By Chauncey K. Robinson. Directed by Alandra Hileman.