Wednesday, April 22, 2015 (All day) to Sunday, April 26, 2015 (All day)
Photo of student playwrights, production team and Lecturer Anne Galjour
Some of the hottest emerging playwrights in the Bay Area -- Master of Fine Arts candidates Carson Beker, Conrad A. Panganiban and Patricia Reynoso and undergraduate Adam Ambriz -- present staged readings of new work. The theme this year is "Hot Plays" -- plays dealing with hot issues like murder, madness, abortion, beauty, opportunity, the American Dream and what it means to be family. San Francisco's theatre scene is thriving, and San Francisco State's playwriting program is a hot spot, helping the next generation of playwrights grow and reap the stories of our times. Free food from Clare's Deli will be served. Suggested donation: $5 or $10.
Z Below, 470 Florida Street, San Francisco
Creative Writing Department, Theatre Arts Department, Z Space
Z Space
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  • April 23, 7pm and April 25, 7pm: Sunflower Suicide Moon by Carson Beker. Are you wearing your Nazar? Do you remember when Hoja lost the moon? Are you crazy? Are you? When her smart sexy girlfriend demands to meet the family, Amy thinks she has everything under control. Enter Amy’s twin. He’s off his pills … again. Enter their mother, off her pills … again. Enter an overbearing storytelling ghost, a former quarterback, a former prom queen and the ancestral curse. It’s only a matter of time before someone calls The Men That Take You Away. But when they get there, will they know who is crazy?
  • April 22, 7pm and April 26, 2pm: Welga by Conrad A. Panganiban. “Having you graduate will mean that I finally did something right when I came to this country.” After hearing these words, Johnny realizes his Filipino mother’s ultimate goal when he tells her that he wants to drop out of his San Francisco high school to become a musician. Which American Dream will Johnny pursue, his or his mother’s?
  • April 24, 7pm and April 26, 5pm: Pretty by Patricia Reynoso. Momma forces 14-year-old Charlene to give up her baby after she is raped by a family friend. Twenty-six years later Charlene is on a quest to find her daughter even if her mother refuses to give her any information.
  • April 25, 4pm: Puddles by Adam Ambriz. When Madestra’s wayward brother blows into to town she has to balance between accepting him with open arms and keeping her arms wrapped around their estranged little sister June. Puddles is a dark tale of love, murder and apple cinnamon pancakes.

Faculty adviser

Anne Galjour