Mountain Villages of China

Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 6:30 pm
Photo of an elder in rural China
Student-produced documentaries -- shot over the summer in remote mountain villages of China -- explore the rich culture, unique natural environment and traditional lifestyles in these regions. Through in-depth investigation, the films further explore the complexity that economic development and political influence has brought into these remote areas. Cinema students collaborated with the local university students, divided in four groups while staying in the different villages, to make four unique documentary films. Reception: 6pm. A Q&A will follow the screening. Free.
Fine Arts Building, Coppola Theatre
School of Cinema
School of Cinema
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  • Basha Man: In the Miao village of Basha, villagers’ daily performances enact aspects of their culture for tourists. Gun Ni La reflects on how his village has changed since the advent of tourism in “The Last Gunner Tribe in China.” By Daniel Chein, Andrew Wong, Helen Shope, Sufen Yen, Wang Min and Zhang Lin.
  • One Day in Danzhai: A story about a Miao woman who inherited the unique wax painting skills passed from family generations. Now she is living the double life in a modern society and an ancient village. By Dean Wu, Neil Davis, Stephanie Yuen, Jin Lian Ou, Jingjing Jiang, Yao Xie and Yue Wang.
  • Ripple of a Stone: A few young adults return to their dwindling hometown village Yunshan tun in attempt to save their 600 years of cultural heritage from dying. By Yohahn Ko, Shijun Li, Xiaoya Zhang, Guoyin Shi, Tim Winslow and Daniel Pugh.
  • The Dreamweavers: A Miao women helps to preserve the ancient skill known as tin embroidery, which is still incorporated into the everyday lives of the Zhan Liu people. By Bryan Petrass, Yumeng Du, Leo Liu, Zhuqing Duan, Sensen Li and Du Ni.

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Weimin Zhang