John Keene, Counternarratives: Reading and in Conversation with Tan Khanh Cao

Friday, October 30, 2015, 7:30 pm
Photo of John Keene holding his book Counternarratives
John Keene reads from his remarkable new collection of stories and novellas, Counternarratives -- praised by Sarah Schulman as "a cross-time, cross-space, cross-form-into-forms-you-have-never-seen-before NOVEL (and I claim it is a novel) about slavery." Free.
Green Apple Books on the Park, 1231 Ninth Avenue, San Francisco
The Poetry Center
Green Apple Books on the Park
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John Keene

John Keene was born in St. Louis in 1965. He graduated from the St. Louis Priory School, Harvard College and New York University, where he was a New York Times Fellow. In 1989, Keene joined the Dark Room Writers Collective. He is a graduate fellow of the Cave Canem Writers Workshops. He is the author of Annotations and Counternarratives, both published by New Directions, as well as several other works, including the poetry collection Seismosis, with artist Christopher Stackhouse, and a translation of Brazilian author Hilda Hilst’s novel Letters from a Seducer. He teaches at Rutgers University, Newark.


“THIS is one of the best books I have EVER read. It is the only book that I have ever compared to the work of Henry Dumas.” — Tân Khánh Cao, City Lights Books

“Walking around with my friends’ books in my bag gives me power as I enter meetings. Have you gotten your copy of John Keene’s excellent collection, Counternarratives? Don’t sleep, family. He’s come from the future to save us from the brutal imaginations.” — r. erica doyle

Tân Khánh Cao

Tân Khánh Cao is an artist and bookseller with a knife who has been under the tutelage of Paul Yamazaki at City Lights Bookstore for 11 years. She has collaborated with Darius James on projects including Fever Water, a limited-edition artist’s book. Further work (including the investigative art project “What Kind of Man Would I Be?”) can be viewed at .

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