Changa Revisited: 30 Years in the Life of a Maasai Family

Thursday, November 5, 2015, 8:00 pm
Image of title character 30 years ago and recently
This documentary depicts the shocking clarity with which three Ilparakuyo Maasai women understand the dissolution of their Ilparakuyo community in Tanzania. They describe their homestead as torn by human and livestock diseases, widespread alcoholism among men and the increase of poverty, disrespect, migration and violence. A discussion with directors Peter Biella and Leonard Kamerling will follow the screening. Free.
Fine Arts Building, Coppola Theatre
Anthropology Department
Anthropology Department
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Changa Revisited was filmed in a community that is very close to Dar es Salaam; for that reason, the community is experiencing the full destructive impact of migration and access to city life. Changa Revisited is, therefore, a cautionary tale to other, more isolated, Maasai communities that are less impacted by the crises of migration and HIV depicted in the film.