Greenhouse Theatre Festival at Z Below

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, April 24, 2016 (All day)
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Some of the hottest emerging playwrights in the Bay Area -- students Alandra Hileman, James Lacek, Julius Rea and Casey Robert Spiegel -- present staged readings of new work. This year's festival features unusual plays that bend form and perception. We have unusual characters, including the most down-to-earth narcissist you will ever meet, digital lovers, puppets freeing themselves from the puppeteer's strings, reincarnated myths and political conspirators. San Francisco's theatre scene is thriving, and the playwriting program is a hot spot, helping the next generation of playwrights grow and reap the stories of our times. Free food will be served. $5 or $10 sliding scale.
Z Below, 470 Florida Street, San Francisco
Creative Writing Department, School of Theatre & Dance, Z Space
Z Space
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  • April 21, 7pm, and April 23, 4pm: Hiraeth by Alandra Hileman. One great beer,
 three mythic knights, 
900 years of memories: 
Sometimes what’s true isn’t what’s real. Over drinks in a pub, two strangers have a shocking revelation: They seem to know each other well and share memories of their past lives in the ancient mythic cycle of King Arthur. One believes that the myths are true and the memories are real, but flawed memories are not convincing evidence for the other. They enter into a heated debate about myth, identity, loyalty, survival and the nature of memory. And just when it seems they’ve reached an impasse, an ancient enemy enters the fray to offer everyone answers … for a price.
  • April 23, 7 pm, and April 24, 1pm: Abomination on Bolt Mountain by J.C. Lacek. Sometimes when you lose everything, you’ll do anything. A crippled ex-miner, Billy Ray, is convinced he was the cause of the explosion at Piney Fork Coal, which took the lives of many men. As Billy’s appetite for liquor and pills increases, the relationship with his family begins to evaporate. Just as things are about to completely fall apart they are met by a silent visitor, with wings.
  • April 20, 7pm, and April 24, 7pm: 4/11 by Julius Rea. When you’re moving so fast … you’re bound to miss some things.
  • April 22, 7pm, and April 24, 4pm: I’m Here, I’m Queer and I’m Hungry by Casey Robert Spiegel. Say hello to Ben: the most down to earth narcissist you'll ever meet. Ben, recent community college graduate and delusional homosexual, hosts a mediocre motivational speaking program. Rather than accept the trauma of his life, Ben decides to instead build his own reality in which he’s a loud-and-proud stereotype. The horrible truth underneath his animated persona is dying to be found out, and with the surprise help of his loved ones, Ben just might have to finally face it: live onstage.

Faculty adviser

Anne Galjour


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