Women and Gender Studies Lecture Series: Performing Development

Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
Photo of Morgan Ames
Morgan G. Ames, postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Science, Medicine and Society, presents a lecture on Performing Development: One Laptop per Child and (re)producing development discourse in Paraguay. Free.
Humanities Building, Room 119
Women and Gender Studies Department
Lisa Tresca
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Ames researches how the ideologies of computing cultures lead to specific design choices, policies, usage patterns and other cultural and material articulations. Her projects investigate the role and limitations of technological utopianism in education and development projects. Based on eight years of archival and ethnographic research, she is writing a book on One Laptop per Child, which explores the motivations behind the project and the cultural politics of a model site in Paraguay. Her next project explores the founding narratives of computer scientists and the social meanings of technology reforms in education, focusing on a one-to-one laptop program and a maker space in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond.


Morgan G. Ames

Photo by Nikki Richter