Intertribal Ensemble: Improvising Home | ImprovisAsians 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Photos of Jimmy Biala, Masarou Koga and John-Carlos Perea performing
What does home sound like? Improvising Home is a multi-movement composition for Native American flute and large ensemble that utilizes creative improvised music to explore questions relating to identity and acoustic ecology in the San Francisco Bay Area. The work is grounded in urban American Indian-lived experiences and cultural productions brought into dialogue with the intercultural musical lives of the Intertribal Ensemble members. Free.
Creative Arts Building, Knuth Hall
School of Music, Asian Improv aRts
School of Music
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ImprovisAsians! is an annual series of performances and workshops at SF State exploring the connection between the performing arts and community-building.


  • Jimmy Biala: drums, percussion
  • Karl Evangelista: guitar
  • Lewis Jordan: saxophone
  • Masaru Koga: saxophone
  • Bill Noertker: bass
  • John-Carlos Perea: flute, voice, percussion, electronics
  • Karen Stackpole: gongs, percussion


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