Only the Road/Solo el Camino: Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry

Thursday, March 30, 2017, 7:00 pm
Photo of Margaret Randall
Margaret Randall discusses and reads from Only the Road/Solo el Camino (Duke University Press, 2016), the most complete bilingual anthology of Cuban poetry available to an English readership. The book features the work of more than 50 poets writing across the last eight decades. It is distinguished by its stylistic breadth and the diversity of its contributors, who come from throughout Cuba and its diaspora and include luminaries, lesser-known voices and several Afro-Cuban and LGBTQ poets. Nearly half of the poets in the collection are women. Free.
Humanities Building, The Poetry Center
The Poetry Center
The Poetry Center
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Only the Road/Solo el Camino: Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry

Only the Road paints a full and dynamic picture of modern Cuban life and poetry, highlighting their unique features and idiosyncrasies, the changes across generations, and the ebbs and flows between repression and freedom following the revolution. Randall, who translated each poem, contributes extensive biographical notes for each poet and a historical introduction to 20th-century Cuban poetry.

Margaret Randall

Randall is the author of dozens of books of poetry and prose, including Haydée Santamaría, Cuban Revolutionary: She Led by Transgression and Che on My Mind, both also published by Duke University Press.