Fringe Festival

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 (All day) to Saturday, May 13, 2017 (All day)
Photo of three students on roof deck of Cesar Chavez Student Center
Four new plays by SF State playwrights are lifted fresh off the page and delivered to the stage. Directed, designed and acted by students, this is your chance to see 21st-century theatre in the making. From comedy to the dramatic, each piece contains the essence of art and craft developed by the emerging artists at SF State. Plays by Jennifer Susic, Ai Ebashi, Townsend Wright and Liz Johnson. Directed by Joey Prata, Nate Budroe, Perry Fenton and Roy Conboy. May 9 - May 12, 7pm. May 13, 2pm. Free.
Creative Arts Building, Little Theatre
School of Theatre and Dance
SF State Box Office
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Happenstance by Jennifer Susic

Happenstance is a comedy about two strangers sitting next to each other on an airplane. They begin talking by chance after a spilled Coke. As they interact with each other and the lively flight attendant, pieces of each of their pasts are either blurted out or forcefully given, which makes one stranger believe he has all the solutions for the other. The two strangers are definitely on a flight they didn’t ask for, but perhaps on a flight they both need.

Bus Logic by Townsend Wright

Tony and Simian confront the familiar annoyance of their bus vanishing off the schedule with their own variety of neurosis, and find their disparate manias coming head to head. Can they handle each other? Can they handle themselves? Will they get to work on time?

The Pursuit of Happiness by Ai Ebashi

One day, a woman takes off in search of her lost happiness. But it seems that the more she looks for it, the more she can’t find it. As she gets lost in the forest, she encounters a man, who doesn’t remember ever being truly happy. ... This is a story that sheds light on the absurdity of human condition and our obsession with the idea of “happiness.”

People Like Us by Liz Johnson

LPs are spinning on the turntable, Mom’s on the phone and a romance with an older man is full of puzzles and rock ‘n’ roll dreams. She’s coming out of college and trying to find her way to the future. Who’s going to help? Which path will she take?

Fringe Festival

Throughout its existence, the Fringe Festival has been an opportunity for the diverse and multicultural voices of students. It has produced many plays by Asian American, Latino, African American, gay and lesbian writers, delving deeply and entertainingly into the many aspects of culture represented in the Theatre Arts and Creative Writing programs. Fringe has produced work by nationally and regionally prominent playwrights, including Marcus Gardley, Peter Nachtrieb, Claire Rice, Christopher Chen and Evelyn Pine.

Photo, from left: Desireé Juanes, Liz Faber and Alex Warren. Photo by Hannah Anderson.