College of Liberal & Creative Arts Undergraduate Research Showcase

Thursday, May 11, 2017, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Image of red boxes and kites from Undergraduate Research Showcase poster
The Committee for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity hosts the first College of Liberal & Creative Arts Undergraduate Research Showcase. Celebrate student projects from across the University, including posters, performances and presentations. Reception: 4pm - 6pm. Winners will be announced at the reception. Light refreshments will be served. Free.
Seven Hills Conference Center
Division of Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning, College of Liberal & Creative Arts
Gitanjali Shahani
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URSCA 2017

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Showcase schedule

May 11, 2017
Seven Hills Conference Center

  • Presentations: 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
  • Music Performances: 4:15 p.m.–4:30 p.m.
  • Reception and Awards and snacks: 4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m.



  • URSCA Award for Best Project ($1,000)
  • URSCA Award for Faculty Sponsor ($500)
  • URSCA Second Place Award for Best Project ($500)
  • URSCA Award for Best in Genre ($200/genre)



Mt. Davidson/Twin Peaks Room


Adapting Shakespeare

  • "Law and Order: MOV"
    • Christina Skammel
    • Michael Ruiz
    • Tiffany Hsieh
    • Elizabeth Afeworki
    • Randall Pederson
    • Lauren Ibarrientos
  • "Coming Soon: Measure for Measure the Movie"
    • Vienna Godwin
    • James Hall
    • Mimi Willmer
    • Madison Brady
    • James Youngs
    • Safia Msami
    • Noruel Manalili
    • Jordan Linsky
    • Jasmine Campos
  • "Playing the Tempest"
    • Mason Hartwell
    • Annie Gieser
    • Myka Macaraeg
    • Jeremie Storost
  • "Survivor: The Tempest"
    • Cristal Alamillo
    • Aleesha Lange
    • Bradley Penner
    • Viviana Ontiveros
    • Myah Overstreet
    • Sydney Andrews
    • Kayla Rodriguez
    • Ariana James
  • "Evil in the Mediterranean: A Tale of Love, Jealousy, and Murder in Cyprus."
    • Andrea Rodriguez
    • Daniel Chiu
    • Ann Guy
    • Brittany Burwick
    • Natasha Forsberg
    • Fernando Mendoza



Key Terms in Postcolonial Studies

  • "Diaspora"
    • Kaitlyn Nunez
    • Martha Sebastian
    • Fernando Mendoza
    • Colin Donnelly
    • Herschel Rojas
    • Octavio Montiel
    • Sandy Karkkar
  • "Cultural Appropriation"
    • Marivic Victoria
    • Cielo Garibay
    • Chris Villalta
    • Adam Matvya
    • Annie Rhinehart
  • "Historiographic Metafiction"
    • Diego Gonzalez
    • Sierra Moreno
    • Emily Downey
    • Ceneca Jackson
    • Aisha Rodriguez



Liberal Studies Senior Culminating Experience: Interdisciplinary Research Proposal

  • Jacob Havey
  • Max Mayorga
  • Rosalia Patanag



Politics and Policy

  • Geoffrey Ramirez, “Violators of Every Right? Analyzing the Ku Klux Klan in 1920's Fresno”
  • Teagan Bullock, “Bioethical Complexity in California’s End of Life Option Act”



Spoken-Word Poetry

  • Kalina Vitela, "Home"



Global Shakespeare: Senior Seminar Projects


Russian/Telegraph Hill Room


History and Politics

  • David Hlusak, “Better it be When the Moon is Full: The Ancient Roman Goddess Diana and the Conception of the Witches’ Sabbath in the Sixteenth Century”
  • David Williams, “Defoe and Piracy, Beyond the Novel: A Study of Captain Singleton as a Publication for the De-Romanticization of Pirates at the End of the Golden Age”
  • Kathleen Manuel, “Borders: The Mechanism of (In)Security”
  • Ericka Guevara, “The Securitization of US Immigration Policy”




  • Madeline Thompson & Oscar Patzan, “The Impact of Syntax on TESOL”
  • Nicole Michelle Washington, “Speech Recognition”
  • Andrew O'Connor-Watts & Olivia Vallejo, “Whistled Languages”
  • Angie Garcia & Amanda Robinson, “What Google Books Ngram Corpus Reveals about Adjective Order in English”
  • Alex Lenarsky, “The Virtual Resistance: Gender Inversion (Just Between us Grrrls)”



Exploring the Canon in Early Modern Philosophy

  • Christopher Hernandez
  • Monique Martinez
  • Logan Maples
  • Houman Emami
  • Nematullah Jalloh


  • Christopher Hernandez
  • Monique Martinez
  • Logan Maples
  • Houman Emami
  • Nematullah Jalloh


Posters, Design Projects, and Visual Installations/Other

In the Foyer


Annotating Austen

  • Jihane Abdelhadi
  • Sabrina Barton
  • Lupita Cruz Cardenas
  • Arlen Cuevas
  • Nicelle Delos Reyes
  • Cate Dion-Staebell
  • Victoria Ferrari
  • Juan Garcia
  • Rodney Gavino
  • Kyra Heck
  • Elora Hinckley
  • Stephanie Hinckley
  • Jaden Kilmer
  • Lauren Konrai
  • Kendra Lappin
  • Amanda Lee
  • Katherine Lowden
  • LoriAnne Manalo
  • Kayla Marcopulos
  • Serena McNair
  • Ritika Narayanan
  • Arianna Ordonez
  • Amanda Perry
  • Dottie Pratchard
  • Andy Rodriguez
  • Marin Rodriguez



"Sutro Review: SF State Journal for Undergraduate Composition."

Student contributors and journal display


Nob Hill Room


"Adolescent Social Worlds: A Literary Inquiry"

  • August Braddock
  • Venus Cayabyab
  • Blake Cram
  • Thara Foster
  • Kristina Garrett
  • Gary Hallford
  • Michelle Lee
  • Kylie Madson
  • Cheyenne Ochoa
  • Danielle Rehmann
  • Ka Wing Tsang
  • Brandi Van Dinter

"Historical Self Portraits Inspired by Film"

  • Students from CINE 212: Film History II

"Digital Fine Arts Frontiers: Mass Customization Textiles and Laser Enabled Fine Art"

  • Aishya Coffey
  • Keith Evans
  • Jason Henry
  • Joanna Lara
  • Alex Martinez
  • Jordan Nunes
  • Karina Rodriquez
  • Lily Sauer
  • Jeremiah Shanholtzer
  • Rachel Stalie
  • Mikelia Tyrrell
  • Daniel Velasquez

"Senior Design Projects:"

  • Ricardo Baltazar
  • Torii Burnett, “Leave No Trace 7 Principles Campaign: Responsibly Enjoying the Outdoors”
  • Laura Gutierrez, “COMMUNITY Learning Environments: Involvement of Low Income Youth in Redesigning Their Learning Environment”
  • Luz Mendoza, “eyeLand: Improving Vision & Quality of Life for Children with Down Syndrome”
  • Phi Nguyen, “ParkIN:Solutions for SF Parking”
  • Emiko Osaka, “LOST & FOUND Wayfinding for the Muni Metro Powell Station Tourist”
  • Remdell Quiambao, “MakerHUB: Let’s invent tomorrow together”
  • Monica Rodriguez, “Sexual Violence Prevention & Awareness @SFSU”
  • Eunyoung Shin, "Life Outside The Home”

Stanford Design Challenge "Innovating for Aging in Place"

  • Lamar Pi, Vanessa Ramos, Adrienne Trio, and Justin Wong: “M O D U: The universal multipurpose household tray designed to promote independence while aging in place”

Design Working Group

  • Sienna Owyang and Karen Loccisano, “LCA Web Development Process Diagram”
  • Reem Essayli, Amanda Higgs, Sophia Hoggatt, Jared Javier, Erin Kim, Ivy Li, William Lowe, Nella Ocampo, Emiko Osaka, Durojaiye Salaam, Bianca Tamburrino-Hasan, Paulina Zepeda: “Theatre and Dance: Design of Season Promotional Materials for 2016-17”

Upcycled Lamps

  • Corey Blevins and Carolyn Nguyen, “Upcycle Sattelight”
  • Cassandra Tu and Justin Sisk, “Flex Torch”
  • Eric Simsomgphong and Eric Tam, “Nova Prime Lamp”
  • Charyse Goodlow, Andrew La, and Isabell Serrano, “Table Light”
  • Erica Rigney and Jacob McAdam, “Retired Skateboards + Lamps”
  • Melony Perez and Ina Quijano, “Lamp Idea”
  • Jerzy Bamberger and Zachary Bizzarro, “Bad Lamps”
  • David Wiener and Nick Corona, “Lamp”

Finding Women in European History

  • Students from Hist 347: Women in Modern Europe

Family Foodways: Telling Family Histories Through Food

  • Francisco Buenrostro, Jr.
  • Brooke Ashley Forrester
  • Angelica Gonzalez
  • Elia Gonzalez
  • Susie Kang
  • Timor Kazimirov
  • Charles Leipziger
  • Manuel Najera
  • Christopher Ogle
  • Rachel Royce
  • Ronnie Ry
  • Rebecca Scott
  • David Vasheghani
  • Eddie Williams

Love, Sexuality, and History in Action

  • Students from Hist 313: Comparative History of Love and Sexuality

Critical Thinking, History, and Zombies

  • Lea Boghosian, "Vanity in Film"
  • George Butler, "Social Behaviors in The Last of Us"
  • Madeline Carter, "The Zombie Complex: Corporeal Reality - Night of the Living Dead"
  • Andrea Fonseca, "Public Health and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials"
  • Jackson Guilfoil, "The Undead and Science: Reanimator"
  • Jasmine Gunnell, "Mad Max and Anarcha-Feminism"
  • Gabbi Jay, "South Park’s Analysis of Class Conflict and Consumerism"
  • Rebecca Lee, "Voodoo and Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island"
  • Cindy Magana, "Moral Obligation and Zombieland"
  • Jolie McCumber, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… and Feminism"
  • Eillad Mesbah, "Zombieland Capitalism"
  • Kate Napoli, "Violence and Abuse in Zebulon Finch"
  • Molly Pendergast, "Fear the Walking Dead: Communism Succeeding Capitalism"
  • Shawnthor Ramos, "Human Nature and Train to Busan"
  • Rachel Ruber, "We Are Our Own Worst Enemy: Xenophobia and The Walking Dead"
  • Adrianna Scalzo, "Does Love Conquer All?: Warm Bodies"
  • Julianne Silva, "28 Days Later and Man’s Destruction of the Earth"
  • Alissa Stevenson, "Santa Clarita Diet Food Ethics"
  • Hailee Van Horn, "Marvel Zombies and Police Brutality"

Historical Understandings of Our Relationship to Science and the Environment

  • Thomas Capello, Jonathan Lau, Daniel Lumbang, Marlo Sandoval, Jesse Sutterley, "Agent Orange"
  • Amanda Ache, Alex Allamanno, Amanda Campbell, Nathan McCanne, Noah Scandrette, Victoria Stuhr, "Chien-Shiung Wu"
  • Paolo Cerna, Brad Haga, Marco Perez, Jonathan Stolan, Monica Villa, "Theodore Roosevelt"
  • Artsem Holdvekht, Michael Landrum, Christian Molina, Chad Monticelli, Mitchell Mylius,  Geoffrey Ramirez, Jonathan Tuason, "Aldo Leopold: American Conservationist"
  • Eli Beutel, Michael Cheung, Olivia Coombs, Sabria Hassan, Amber Ulrich, Grant Vogenthaler, "The Man, the Myth, the Rainbow Trout: Livingston Stone"
  • Matthew Ho, Geetinder Lachhar, Ilyanna Marin, Viet Nguyen, Mariah Panely, Kevin Veliz, "Carl Sagan"

Independent Posters

  • Alexandra Conrad, "Three-Headed Hound of the Moon: A Comparative Look at the Roles of Hecate in the Ancient and Modern Worlds"
  • Rachel Royce, "Grub to Gourmet: Baseball Concession as Indication of Socioeconomic Issues in San Francisco"



"Three Postcards: Embroidery as Political Tool and Personal Expression"

  • Jessica Andas
  • Gina Buckley
  • Chanel Marie Cox
  • Amy Castaneda Huerta
  • June McCaughey
  • Dominique Aquino Garcia
  • Anosha Ghorchian
  • Christine Huynh
  • Jenny Louie
  • Taylor Alexis Rose Pelstring
  • Elizabeth May Person
  • Alice Paulina Titus
  • Leticia Vasquez
  • Emily Gerstner


4:15 PM

Members of the Lyric Theatre class, School of Theatre and Dance

  • Jenah Wagoner-  I Miss the Mountains (Next to Normal).
  • Chelsea Carruesco-  Moments in the Woods (Into the Woods)
  • Danya El-Kurd- When He Sees Me (Waitress)
  • Maya Phillips-  I'm Here (The Color Purple)



Faculty Sponsors

  • Tanya Augsburg (School of Humanities and Liberal Studies)
  • Soumyaa Behrens (Cinema)
  • Dennis Campbell (History)
  • William Christmas (English)
  • David Cox (School of Design)
  • Sarah Curtis (History)
  • Victor De La Rosa (Art)
  • James Gilligan (English)
  • Ricardo Gomes (School of Design)
  • Robert Kohls (English)
  • Cathy Kudlick (History)
  • Laura Lisy-Wagner (History)
  • Dawn Mabalon (History)
  • Alan Moore (Philosophy)
  • Kate Nartker (Fine Arts)
  • Christy Shick (English)
  • Anita Silvers (Philosophy)
  • Amy Skonieczny (International Relations)
  • Gitanjali Shahani (English)
  • Joshua Singer (Design)
  • Alice Sowaal (Philosophy)
  • Anastasia Smirnova (English)
  • Laura Wayth (Theater and Dance)



  • Bruce Avery (Theater and Dance)
  • Kathleen DeGuzman (English)
  • Trevor Getz (History)
  • Diem Ho (IDEO)
  • Teresa Pratt (English)
  • Joy Viveros (Fellowships Office)
  • Jacob Zellmer (Philosophy),
  • Laura Wayth (Theater and Dance)


URSCA Committee Members

  • Gitanjali G Shahani (English, Committee Chair)
  • Laura Lisy-Wagner (History)
  • Jessica Mankus (Office of Research & Sponsored Programs)
  • Joshua Singer (Design)
  • Justin Tiwald (Philosophy)
  • Laura Wayth (Theatre & Dance)