A Celebration of Spring: Nowruz 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018, 7:00 pm
Photos of Mamak Khadem and Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra
Join us for the beautiful and uplifting music of Mamak Khadem and Džambo Aguševi Orchestra from Macedonia, and celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian New Year. $30 - $50.
Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street, Oakland
Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, Diaspora Arts Connection
Diaspora Arts Connection
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Mamak Khadem

Called “one of the wonders of world trance music" by the Los Angeles Times, Mamak Khadem captivates audiences by blending her roots in the ancient poetry and music of the Persian masters with a bold and revolutionary new sound. By nature, she is a nomad, one who thrives on open spaces. By occupation, she is a bridge, one that connects geography to lore. In music, she is open to cultural influences, but she has chosen the classical Persian style as her base.

Formerly of the sensational cross-cultural fusion ensemble Axiom of Choice, Mamak weaves a canopy, both simple and rich, for a stunningly emotional and spiritual musical experience that inspires new listeners to embrace cultural diversity and an awareness and appreciation of Persian arts and culture through a blending of old and new.

Džambo Aguševi Orchestra

Džambo Aguševi Orchestra is a brass band from Macedonia that performs a music that might be defined as fusion of traditional Balkan, Gypsy and Turkish music influenced by swing, jazz and pop and film music.

Trumpet virtuoso Džambo Aguševi was born in Strumica, Macedonia, in 1987 in a family with long and significant musical tradition. Since his childhood, following example of his father Cemal and his uncle Koco, Džambo never even considered an alternative to a music career. At age 11 he became a member and the third trumpet of Aguševi Orchestra founded by Koco Agushev, who was a legendary trumpeter.


Photo of Mamak Khadem by Afshin Javadi. Photo of Džambo Aguševi Orchestra courtesy of Earth Music.