Artistas Fronterizas: Bajo Construccion/Under Construction [canceled]

Friday, April 5, 2019, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Photo of the Artistas Fronterizas trio standing on a stairway
This trio aims to challenge the concept of borders -- both real and imagined -- through music and performance by using art to create cultural experiences that make the qualities of connection, vulnerability, beauty and sincerity accessible to new audiences. Free.
Creative Arts Building, Knuth Hall
School of Music
School of Music
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Artistas Fronterizas

  • Anishka Lee-Skorepa, soprano
  • Eva María Monroy Rocha, mezzo-soprano
  • Olena Galitskaia, piano

Bajo Construcción

Bajo Construcción/Under Construction is a bilingual experience that consists of three distinct sections, each representing a different aspect of la vida fronteriza.

The first section begins with “Connection/Conexión, exploring how each of the performers relates to the border and what it has meant to her.

The second section, “Control/Control,” explores the topic of pollution and environmental impact along the border. This section uses Rossini’s Stabat Mater as a musical canvas with which to paint the pain and destruction of the environment.

The third section, “Co-exist/Convivir, compares the U.S./Mexico border relationship to that of an old married couple — forever together, with ingrained dynamics that exist in long-term relationships — regardless of whether or not they are “healthy.” In this last section, using old-time love songs from the U.S. and Mexico, both sides agree that they are better with each other and united, than without and divided.