Ocha Zanmai: International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Culture

Sunday, April 28, 2019, 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
Photo of teapot and two filled teacups
Chanoyu refers to the "way of tea" and recognizes the tea ceremony as a comprehensive form of art, hospitality and spiritual pursuit. The theme for this sixth annual conference is "International Commerce and the Development of Tea Cultures: Silk Road and the Age of Discovery." $20 (students) - $55 - $65 (general).
Humanities Auditorium (Room 133) and Room 578, Humanities Building
Midori McKeon
Event extras: 


  • “Historical Review of the Spread of Tea (Chāy) and its Consumption in the Persian World” by Mitra Ara, associate professor of Persian, San Francisco State University
  • “Tibetan Tea Culture” by Marzi Pecen, tea consultant
  • “From North and from South: The Reception of Karamono Tea Wares in Japan imported from China” by Tamaki Yano, professor of cultural informatics, Doshisha University
  • “Vessels Transformed: Chinese Tea Caddies and Korean Teabowls in Japan” by Andrew L. Maske, associate professor of art history, University of Kentucky
  • “Imported Textiles and Japanese Tea Culture” by Kazuhiro Suzuki, director, Suzuki Research Institute of Ancient Textiles


Kinran金襴, donsu緞子, nishiki brocade錦, kanto間道, etc. by the Suzuki Research Institute of Ancient Textiles, Kyoto, Japan

Tea tasting

  • Various kinds of tea from Asia
  • Enjoy whisking your own bowl of matcha. If you don’t know how, we will teach you!