Jules Tygiel Memorial Forum on Global Affairs

Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Photo of Richard Nixon flashing victory sign at 1968 rally
History professors discuss provide their perspectives on U.S.-Iran relations, white nationalism, the Samson Option and more. This 18th annual event is named in memory of Professor Jules Tygiel, a noted expert on California history, labor history and baseball history. Free.
Science Building, Room 270
History Department, Department of Jewish Studies, Faculty for Middle East and Islamic Studies
Maziar Behrooz
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Opening remarks

  • Laura Lisy-Wagner, chair and associate professor, History Department


  • Maziar Behrooz: “Iran and the U.S.: the Idiot vs. the Ignorant”
  • Christopher Chekuri: “Modi’s India”
  • Sarah Curtis: “Yellow Vests and French Discontent”
  • Anthony D’Agostino: “Is the Samson Option a Russian Death Wish?”
  • Charles Postel: “A White Nationalist Administration from a Historical Perspective”
  • Jerald Combs: Discussant

The program is followed by Q&A and audience participation.


Photo: Richard Nixon gives his trademark “victory” sign while campaigning in Paoli, Pennsylvania, in July 1968. Photo by Ollie Atkins/The White House.