Mouth Harp in G Minor: Hamid Naficy in/On Exile

Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 7:00 pm
Photo of Hamid Naficy and a woman reading a book together while sitting on a couch
Maryam Sepehri's documentary portrays the important film historian and intellectual Hamid Naficy, who has been living in exile in California for four decades. He has witnessed and helped to shape the important cultural and political upheavals in the U.S. and yet remains connected to Iran through language, family and his work. Mouth Harp in G Minor is a personal film about identity, exile and belonging in times of globalization. Naficy will be present for a discussion with Professor Persis Karim, Neda Nobari Distinguished Chair and director of the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies. Free.
Room 340, Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley
Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, UC Berkeley Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies