Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series: Cardboard House Press/Cartonera Collective at The Green Arcade

Friday, November 8, 2019, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Photos of Giancarlo Huapaya, Jose Antonio Villaran and Omar Pimienta
The Poetry Center's Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series presents Giancarlo Huapaya, Omar Pimienta and José Antonio Villarán. All are involved with literary small publisher Cardboard House Press, devoted to work in translation from Latin America and Spain, and its offshoot, Cartonera Collective, a team of book makers devoted to the production of bilingual book art from Latin American authors. Free.
The Green Arcade, 1680 Market Street, San Francisco
The Poetry Center, Latina/Latino Studies Department
The Poetry Center
Event extras: 

For this occasion, Tripwire journal will produce a Cardboard House/Cartonera Collective volume for its Tripwire Pamphlet Series.

The Poetry Center’s Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series continues in its second year, following fall 2018’s pair of events with poet-translators and language justice activists Jen Hofer and John Pluecker, reading their own work alongside translations and presenting a multimedia performance.

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