Mara Plotkin: Movement for Musicians

Friday, February 14, 2020, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Photo of Mara Plotkin holding a clarinet in her left hand

Clarinetist Mara Plotkin leads a guided workshop through pilates-inspired movement and stretches that can be used as a long-term strategy to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent injuries. Participants should wear comfortable shoes. Free.

Mara Plotkin

Mara Plotkin, enjoys an active career as an orchestral, chamber and recording musician. She has performed in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Four Seasons Centre, Massey Hall, Glenn Gould Studio and cultural institutes throughout North America. She performs regularly with San Francisco Bay Area’s “Freeway philharmonic” orchestras in addition to chamber ensembles such as Chamber Music Society of Sacramento and Solo Vento as part of the San Francisco Symphony’s educational outreach program. Plotkin has performed in live broadcasts on CBC Radio’s “The Signal” and has performed a variety of solo recitals in New York City, San Francisco and Toronto.

Creative Arts Building, Knuth Hall
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