SF State Percussion Ensemble

Thursday, May 7, 2020, 1:00 pm
Photo of the SF State Percussion Ensemble posing with drums, guitars and a violin

The SF State Percussion Ensemble performs Terry Riley’s “In C.” Directed by Allen Biggs. Free.

Considered one of the first well-known pieces of minimalist music, “In C” is composed of 54 short melodic phrases. As noted in Riley’s performance directions, “any number of any kind of instruments can play. … If vocalist(s) join in they can use any vowel and consonant sound they like.” The patterns of the melodic phrases remain intact, but the performers are free to choose how many times each pattern is repeated before continuing to the next and are encouraged to experiment with their sound level. This flexibility in performance lends itself perfectly to a live online virtual performance.

This event will be held by video conference on Zoom.

School of Music
School of Music