Student-designed tables, benches fill newly opened campus space

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Students use a table created in a Design and Industry class. Photo by Phil Evans.

A new campus plaza emerged last year, when temporary classrooms in front of the Gymnasium building were removed. Students William Fong and Jennifer Cheung helped fill the space by designing the InclusiveTable Bench last spring in Professor Ricardo Gomes’ Product Design 2 class.

These pieces of outdoor furniture are intended to accommodate people of all ages and abilities, wheelchair users in particular.

SF State’s Site Planning staff built and installed the tables and benches this winter.

“What a great compliment to inclusive/universal design insight and relevance from the unsolicited voice of the ‘user,’” Gomes says. “What an inclusive ‘Field of Dreams’ — ‘Build it and they will come!’”


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