Art Galleries on Campus Welcome Students to Express Themselves

Tuesday, September 02, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- On a campus strewn with art on lawns, in trees and even in the form of crocheted bikes, many SF State students are still unaware of the three art galleries available to view, free of charge. Liza Boozer, a former student and artist, knows this all too well. The sound of giggles and gasps surrounded Boozer as she fumbled around in the bushes to pick up her unnoticed art display of Barbie dolls that had fallen beside the Fine Arts building. As she looked at the dismembered, red paint-spattered dolls, she commented on how the piece is meant to represent the “murder” in eating meat. “I did it to send a message,” she said. Though the image is shocking, students continue to walk right by these art displays outside, and barely know about the galleries indoors.