Assistant Professor Matt Lipps' Work Connects Photography with Perceptions of Art

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- After two years of exploring the different meanings that could be found in his work, Assistant Professor Matthew Lipps combines art and photography to create “HORIZON/S,” which can be seen at the Secondhand exhibition at Pier 24, near San Francisco’s Embarcadero. “I look at it for a long time, then I start cutting,” Lipps said, describing the method behind his art. The cutting process is all done by hand with an X-Acto knife. Lipps then traces the magazine cut outs on cardboard and finds a background for them. “It’s a slow process,” added Lipps. Lipps’ favorite part about teaching is being a mentor to students and having conversations about something that he is passionate about. “I identify with the students when they come in thinking photography is this one very finite thing,” Lipps said, adding that he never pushes his own work on anyone.