Professor Monshipouri Comments on Obama's ISIL Strategy

Thursday, September 11, 2014
NEON TOMMY -- According to Mahmood Monshipouri, an International Relations professor at San Francisco State University, Obama will also ask for support from France, Denmark, Australia and Germany, all Western nations which have large Muslim populations. Monshipouri hopes that the United States will work with local Sunni tribes in Syria and Iraq to garner support and prevent more people from joining ISIS’ ranks. Monshipouri believes that the U.S. must work with local forces if it wants to defeat ISIS. Monshipouri says the situation the U.S. faces with ISIS is very similar to the one it encountered during the Vietnam War. Without local support, ISIS can simply run off to surrounding villages and hide out, much like what the Viet Cong did in Vietnam. This new strategy of leading the effort against ISIS but not sending in ground troops “might be a new precedent for how the U.S. will be involved in future conflicts,” Monshipouri says.