Alum Cassie Begley Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Her Dance Company, Bliss

Friday, September 12, 2014
TRI-CITY VOICE -- Growing up in Fremont, Cassie Begley trained from a young age at a number of local dance studios and went on to perform professionally in the Bay Area and New York. Ten years ago, in the process of going further, pushing herself to be better, she was earning a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at San Francisco State University and found herself in a lecture class taking diligent notes. Her notes, however, took her a little sideways. While in a lecture class, I was fantasizing about having my own dance company, says Begley. I took notes on what I would want for the company and who I would want to dance with. I named several of my friends and immediately knew I wanted my performance group focused on women’s issues, women’s stories. That was the moment for Begley when she took her mental grand jete and bypassed I should open my own dance studio, and landed with Bliss, her own dance performance company.