UC Professor Shares Insight into Intersectional Feminism in Women, Gender Studies Lecture Series

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Atanasoski’s lecture branched through her work in inter-sectional feminism and gave listeners the breadth of concepts such as post-socialist humanitarian wars. She freely referenced texts that the class had focused on earlier that week but continued to give context for new listeners in the room. “We can think about post-socialism as a global condition,” Atanasoski said. “As a re-arrangement of political action.” Her work in the field spreads from media relations to the politics of religion in the U.S and Eastern Europe. Women and Gender Studies Assistant Professor Evren Savci, who attended the lecture and will be featured in the series in December, said these guest lectures provide a great opportunity to students. “I think students would love to go to talks, but between their class schedule and work schedule, it’s a luxury to get to go,” she said. “So to get to go to 15 talks and get credit for it is maybe the only way our students can do it.”