Posthumous Exhibit for La Galeria de la Raza Co-founder Ralph Maradiaga

Monday, October 06, 2014
MISSION LOCAL -- Ani Rivera, the director of the Galería, was in the midst of hanging a new show on Friday afternoon that will feature one of the Galería’s co-founders, Ralph Maradiaga, who died in 1984. Maradiaga, a 1971 graduate in printmaking from San Francisco State University, also earned a Master’s Degree there and a second Master of Arts from Stanford in documentary film. He curated the first show at Casa Hispana, a precursor of the Galería in 1970. “As the corridor changes it’s important to remember and get guidance,” from artists like Maradiaga, Rivera said. The show at the Galería will reflect all facets of Maradiaga’s work as well as historical photos. The show is drawn from various archives including the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives at University of California, Santa Barbara, the Galería’s and Rupert Garcia’s.