Campus Remember Those Who Fought for Better Work Conditions at Ludlow Massacre 100 Years Later

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The American economy, work-force and labor movement of a century ago were radically different from those of today, but there is at least one parallel: high levels of immigrant workers who are employed at the lowest paying jobs while working in the most difficult conditions. These parallels were the topic of discussion throughout the 100th anniversary of the deadliest labor dispute in American history, the Ludlow Massacre, at SF State Friday. The Modern Greek studies center, with help from five other departments and the Labor Archives and Research Center, organized a colloquium to highlight the importance of educating the next generation about the history of the American labor movement. While the about 40 speakers, students and professors at the event reflected on a time when labor disputes were much more violent, there was also anxiety about the future of America’s current labor movement.