Campus Offers Portal to Past with Collection of Decades-Old Items

Monday, October 27, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The oldest article featured is a pair of dance shoes owned by a professor, dated from 1930, and a sweatshirt from Kampus Kapers, a campus review from the same era. Many of the pictures feature glee clubs, jazz bands and operas, both from SF State’s old campus at Buchannan and Haight, as well as the present campus. Meredith Eliassen, the library’s curator, is the main person overseeing the exhibit. Eliassen said that music at SF State dates back to the school’s earliest curriculum. According to Eliassen, this is the first display that is focused on the performing arts. Unlike other exhibits, it will be viewable for the duration of the Library’s hours. “Students always have the opportunity to organize and explore their interest themselves whether or not it’s recognized as a course curriculum.” Eliassen said. “This is a place where ideas are exchanged, and that’s what was happening before, and that’s what can happen again.”