'Dead Man's Cell Phone' Creates Buzz, Laughter with SF State Audience

Monday, October 27, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Soon, the faces of each of the 10 cast members became familiar, as their personalities, sense of humor and love for acting beamed through their demeanor, leaving the audience wanting more. “It felt pretty unbelievable, I’m still a little bit in shock, and it all feels like a dream,” said Lauren Prentiss, the spunky 19-year-old who acts as the lead woman, Jean. “It’s been an absolute wonderful experience,” she said. “My first main-stage, so I’d say I’ve been spoiled.” Heather Bridgman, a 21-year-old theatre major, plays the character of Mrs. Gottlieb, a lost soul who knows no love but that of her affections toward her now dead son. Bridgman jumped at the chance to play such a charismatic role. Jessica Bent is in her final semester and took the opportunity to be the lighting designer. “It gives a lot of dimension for lighting, and there’s not a lot of set design, so it’s really interesting and hard and I really wanted that,” Bent said.