Design and Industry Student Trevor Myers Creates Award-winning Eye-Drops Product

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Graduate student Trevor Myers went above and beyond to design an innovative eye dropper bottle, and now seeks to propel his prototype forward to help people facing difficulties with the standard bottles on the market. Myers’ design seeks to solve these struggles by implementing colors, shapes and a better mold. He used foam for his first prototypes and later used 3D printing to create the prototypes that won him first place for universal design at the Morton Kesten Summit in Los Angeles October 9. “I was glad that the competition recognized the quality of the work and to me it helped to validate not only the competition, but the significance of universal design that was being promoted by the conference,” Professor Ricardo Gomes said. “The theme was aging in innovation, and certainly his concept was an innovative concept to help support those in aging.”