Lecturer Truong Tran Discusses Artist Ai Weiwei

Monday, November 24, 2014
KPFA-FM (BERKELEY) -- He’s one of the world’s most important creative and cultural figures. An artist, architect, curator, and urbanist, Ai Weiwei is also a vocal political activist whose recent installation @Large has come to Alcatraz Island. Creative Writing Lecturer discussed Ai Weiwei’s life, influences and the impact he’s had on the art world and on Chinese politics. Tran is a visual artist and the author of “The Book of Perceptions,” placing the accents, dust and conscience, within the margin, four-letter words and a children’s book, “Going Home Coming Home.” He teaches poetry at SF State and Mills College. “As we progress along a course and we work within the classroom, more often than not we arrive at an understanding that the question is more important than the answer,” Tran says, “and that sense of questioning is really important to the development of work.”