University to Postpone Relocation of Two Museum Collections

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The Treganza and Sutro Egyptian collections were originally scheduled for a spring 2015 move into Fine Arts 203, but the safety concerns of Dance students over moving into a temporary space in McKenna Theatre has delayed the relocation of the collections.

“It delays an opening by a semester, but that’s (a) small price to pay to ensure the safety of our dancers,” said Daniel Bernardi, interim dean of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, adding that there are plans to convert another large space in Fine Arts 203 for curricular and storage needs. The relocation of the collections and dance studio comes as the College attempts to optimize space that is currently spread into six different buildings across campus, according to Bernardi.

“Having the extra semester is very helpful and it respects the process that dance has been going through,” said Edward Luby, Museum Studies professor and director. “You walk into a situation where you can do some good, and we are doing good to make the University happy.”