'Something is Going On in Hungary' ... via Coppola Theatre

Monday, December 22, 2014

After the conclusion of the third Hungarian Film Festival in Coppola Theatre, co-organizer Réka Pigniczky created this clip of highlights and interviews with special guests and the event’s other organizers.

“Our festival shows that there are lots of different ways that people are making films. There are good films coming out of Hungary,” Pigniczky says. “We’re seeing them here; we’re seeing their directors, their actors and their producers. So in a way, our little festival is proof that something is going on in Hungary."

The Cinema Department and the California European Cultural Initiative presented a selection of contemporary Hungarian features, documentaries, short films and animation between November 14 and November 22. Some of the films were selected by a jury just for the San Francisco festival and were selected from those being shown at the Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles, which ran at the same time.

This event was also a one-unit course taught by Pigniczky, journalist and documentary filmmaker; Kovacs, professor and chair of Cinema; and Homor, a film producer and co-founder and member of the Central European California Cultural Institute board of directors.

Cinema graduate student Veronica Deliz shot and edited this video.



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