Philosophy Graduate Program Climbs to Top 8 in U.S.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Photo of Patrick Smith teaching next to a whiteboard
Patrick Smith teaches Descartes' famous "Cogito argument." Photo by Emily Lobsinger.

SF State has landed inside the top eight of The Philosophical Gourmet’s latest national rankings of terminal graduate programs in Philosophy, rising from the lower rung of the top 10, where it first appeared in 2009.

SF State is the only public comprehensive university to crack the top eight; all the others are at national research institutions.

The report’s rankings are based on peer assessments of faculty members’ strengths. A board of 48 leading philosophers assesses the quality of the programs’ faculties.

The Philosophy Department’s graduate program offers a Master of Arts degree, presenting a broad education in the history of thought, development of powerful reasoning skills and opportunities for students to apply their insights and skills to areas of personal and professional interest. More than 30 of the program’s 2012, 2013 and 2014 graduates are enrolled in leading doctoral programs and law schools.


Patrick Smith teaches Descartes’ famous “Cogito argument.” Photo by Emily Lobsinger.

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