Professor Arcega's New Project: Create Treasure from Trash

Friday, January 30, 2015
Photo of Michael Arcega

SF STATE NEWS -- Michael Arcega, a sculptor and assistant professor of Art at SF State, is one of six individuals selected as an artist-in-residence at Recology San Francisco. He will spend four months creating an exhibit almost entirely from discarded materials recovered by Recology, the company responsible for recycled waste collection in the city.

“Repurposing items and being environmentally conscious is a responsibility I have as a maker and also as a citizen, so I feel this project is incredibly important in terms of how we look at waste,” he told SF State News. “The program links to so many problems about our disposable culture.”

“ .... It’s an almost endless supply of material. I’ve been surprised at the things that people throw out, from fully functional bicycles to beautiful chairs."