Behind the Intense, Endless Energy of Theatre Icon, Professor Barbara Damashek

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Photo of Barbara Damashek

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- A semiretired professor at SF State, Damashek has a tiny frame, a big voice and a bigger reputation. Fans say she is so reliably good, when you see her name on the program, you know you’re in for an interesting ride.

“She has endless energy and oomph, and vast reserves of passion,” says actress Trish Mulholland, who starred in The New Electric Ballroom at Shotgun. “She is an incredible scholar, and so the ideas and references just keep on coming, sometimes at warp speed.”

Total immersion is her M.O. When she takes on a play, she reads not only everything else the playwright has written but also everything that has been written about them and other plays that have influenced their work.