Professor Marc Stein in Conversation with Jeffrey Weeks

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
NOTCHES -- Professor Marc Stein’s full interview with Jeffrey Weeks is published. Weeks is the influential British sociologist and historian who wrote “Coming Out: Homosexual Politics in Britain from the 19th Century to the Present” (1977); “Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulation of Sexuality Since 1800” (1981) and “Sexuality and Its Discontents: Meanings, Myths and Modern Sexualities (1985).” “My experience in gay politics transformed my life,” Weeks said. “But I think it’s a more general phenomenon that’s happening. Involvement in similar movements — that is, the women’s movement, the black movement, the peace movement in the U.S. and Britain — has a similar effect on people, a transformative effect.” Stein is the Jamie and Phyllis Pasker Professor of History at San Francisco State University.