Miss Lightning Rocks its Way to the Boom Boom Room

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Gomez, the lead vocalist and keyboard player, is a junior studying Communications and Music. At 21 years old, Gomez has already played in four bands and has worked on other musical side projects. She found her musical talents at a young age, performing in musicals and eventually finding her way past the auditions of “American Idol.” After high school, Gomez headed to San Francisco to continue her journey. With Gomez as the singer, Robbie Hammett on the drums, Patrick Mahon on bass, Renato Linures and Cameron Honda on guitar and vocals, the group formed Miss Lightning in September. Miss Lightning created a genre of their own from that point on, unique to their individual styles as artists. “I would go dark-soul-rock,” Linures said of her musical approach, a style Hammett and Mahon also agreed was a type of “throw-down funk.”