College Moves Forward with Space Allocation as Anthropology Finds Home

Monday, February 23, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- A cast-off department finally found a home over winter break, while a thriving program upgrades its space in the first of many changes coming to the College of Liberal & Creative Arts. The Anthropology Department, which has been in a state of flux since their merger in 2011 with the College of Arts and Humanities, now the LCA, moved to the fifth floor of the Fine Arts Building, while English claimed the former dean’s suite. “We have gone from isolation to what we believe is going to be the advent of a thriving community,” said Anthropology Chair James Quesada. The English Department moved two floors up to the fourth floor of the Humanities Building into a space that English Chair Dr. Sugie Goen-Salter believes will elevate the department. “It was a net loss of square footage for English, but a net gain for utilized space,” Goen-Salter said.