'Learned Ladies' Educates Using Comedic Satire

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- SF State’s Theatre Arts Aepartment debuted its spin on Moliere’s classic satire in the Little Theatre March 5. With a fast-paced whirlwind of verse and farce, the plot dials in on the engagement between young lovers Henriette and Clitandre. Henriette’s mother and sister pride themselves on their scholarly pursuits and insist that Henriette do the same by marrying Trissotin, a mediocre poet and pseudo-intellectual, rather than Clitandre. Junior theatre major Lo Prentiss, 20, plays the role of Henriette’s sister Armande and described the play as fresh, lively, funny and immediate. The show’s themes are relevant and applicable to modern society as they examine the role of patriarchy versus matriarchy and societal expectations of each character, Prentiss said. “What’s so artful about Moliere’s writing is that he doesn’t hit you over the head with any of these ideas,” Prentiss said. “If you take the time to analyze, you’ll definitely be able to see the themes.”