Eighty Reasons We Love Professor Kathleen Fraser

Thursday, March 19, 2015
SF WEEKLY -- Influential experimental poet Kathleen Fraser has published more than 15 books in different genres. She founded the American Poetry Archives while directing The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University, where she taught 1972-92. She co-founded and co-edited the feminist poetics newsletter and journal HOW(ever). Before the release of her first book, Fraser received the Frank O’Hara Poetry Prize and the American Academy’s Discover Award, as well as two National Endowment for the Arts poetry grants and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Based in San Francisco, Fraser usually lives in Rome during the spring but will be in town for Tribute to Kathleen Fraser, celebrating her life and work on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Organized by Small Press Traffic and The Poetry Center, the event features readings and tributes by Lauren Shufran, Frances Richard, Brian Teare, Latasha Diggs and more.