Student Cory Teese Embraces Music to Express Spirituality

Wednesday, April 01, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Inspired by the bone-chilling gloom of winter, Cory Teese took up his guitar and transposed his melancholy feelings into chords. By springtime, Teese had emerged from a contemplative fog with the creation of his first album and his one-man band Flowers in the Fence. SF State English major Teese said he indulges his creative spirit through faith. His music presents an honest view into his inner world as it mirrors his spirituality and relationship with God, he said. “In a way, my lyrics often become a conversation,” Teese said. “It’s a way for me to talk to God, to other people and to myself.” Teese released his first EP “Winter’s Season” in May 2014, which featured instrumental accompaniment by his brother Kyle Teese on drums and their friend Jacob Montague on lead guitar.