Lecturer Sarah Ladipo Manyika's Debut Novel Thrills

Wednesday, April 01, 2015
ALL AFRICA -- Students studying Advanced Level literature in Zimbabwe are in for exciting thought-provoking texts, which will definitely take them on an intellectual drive through the woods of some gifted African imaginations. One such text is a novel titled “In Dependence” by 47-year-old writer Sarah Ladipo Manyika (2014, Weaver Press). Interweaving the dual threads of politics, colonialism and independence and a cross-cultural love story, this novel challenges us to think out of the box. It is now a set book for Advanced Level English Literature Paper 4 from next year to 2020. First published in Nigeria, this Weaver Press edition contains a glossary, revision questions and a review by Kinna Likimani. Ladipo Manyika was raised in Nigeria and has lived in Kenya, France and England. She holds a Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, and teaches literature at San Francisco State University. Her writing includes essays, academic papers, reviews and short stories.